You have been accused of theft, marijuana possession or drug driving and you are really worried as to how go about the litigation process and deal with the associated legal matters. Maybe you know that a criminal defense attorney can help lessen your penalties or prove your innocence before the jury but you are not sure which attorney to hire. Lots of criminal defense attorneys are available for consideration but picking the most suitable for your lawsuit.

Look for a criminal defense attorney who has passion for their work. You need to get a defense lawyer who will listen to your story and stand to defend you irrespective of how complicated the accusation is. It is necessary you visit your criminal attorney in question to have a conversation with them in order to understand them better before you entrust them with your lawsuit.

Look for a criminal defense attorney who routinely specializes in handling criminal cases similar to your own. Often times, you will find that some defense attorneys only focus in handling technical crimes, theft, violent crimes, domestic crimes and others DUI. For your own benefit and that of your case, it is vital you hunt for a good criminal defense attorney who concentrates primarily on your particular charges as this will mean that such lawyers have better knowledge and understanding of your lawsuit and will be able to assure you of the best results.

Search for the right Bloomington DUI attorney from this site who has a stupendous record of credentials. They need to have enough legal training, expertise and background. While every DUI attorney will have a degree in law, a small number of them will have got esteemed credits and grants to show their credibility and expertise. You have to check to know if the lawyer in question is a member of any professional association and has anything to show of their good works and skills.


Positive client testimonials and reviews act as sign of the impressive works of the attorney in question. Client reviews are easy to find and most importantly they are easy to read and comprehend. The internet is the first main place to find client reviews especially the websites and social media sites of the lawyer in question. Try to evaluate the sites and social media websites of the mentioned attorneys in order to be sure that you are dealing with a genuine and a reliable DUI attorney whom you can entrust with your case. You can read all about how to fight DUI charges here;

You have been involved in a drunk driving accident, and chances are you will face a terrible jail term. Does that sound like you? Well, if that is the case, here is some insight that will help you in making the right moves.

First, you need to know that with the right legal representation you can face lighter penalties. Drunk driving attorneys know the consequences associated with these accidents deeply. Without reliable help, you might end up losing your license, pay large fines, or get a permanent poor mark on your records.

An experienced lawyer understands the law, knows the prosecutors, the defenses and any other options that might favor your jurisdiction. With this information, your lawyer has the power to adequately represent your case to a favorable level. Lately, there are very harsh penalties related to any arrest for drunk driving. For this reason, having a lawyer represent you is crucial. It is a sure way to get a lower impact of a DUI case.

Although a family law attorney is good at drafting pleadings, they may not be in a position to draw up field sobriety tests, sobriety checkpoints, or take breath tests. The attorney you choose has to be specialized in DUI laws to be in a position to identify issues that could lessen your sentence or to a larger extent dissolve your case. DUI lawyers know the defenses that carry weight. For this reason, they represent you in court more persuasively and confidently.

An experienced criminal attorney explores many local options that could benefit your case. There are those times where you can join a marijuana possession and other drugs counseling. This move can at times lead to your case dismissal or have your sentence reduced. If your case faces severe consequences, you must consider hiring Diaz Law Firm. Most criminal lawyers offer free initial consultancy, and this is a great opportunity for you to express yourself.

DUI attorneys know the major parties revolving around your case. Be it the judge, the prosecutor, and other parties, they are aware of them all. If the lawyer happens to know the past records of the officer, it will give your case a better angle. Should the past records be bad, that can be a basis for having your case dismissed. Unlike when you have to represent yourself, DUI lawyers know the appeals that carry more weight for your case. You can also go to to read more about whether you should hire a DUI attorney.


Just as you would not want your eye optician to carry out a brain surgery on you applies when choosing an attorney. Ensure that the attorney is specialized in DUI cases otherwise you will lose out on a good opportunity to win.

There are a number of sobriety checkpoints today that are being operated with a "no refusal" blood test. What this essentially means is that a judge will be on hand to sign a warrant that allows the policy to take a blood sample from someone they suspect to be driving under the influence, as long as the police can show probable cause that they believed the driver was drunk. When this happens, the police officer at the DUI checkpoint will ask the driver to submit to a breathalyzer test. In the case that the driver refuses, the police officer will prepare a warrant that bears the judge's signature. In this case, once the warrant is approved by the judge, usually via a telephone call, the driver will be forced to provide a blood sample that test the driver for drugs and alcohol in their system. This essentially means that a driver will have to either submit to a breathalyzer test or have to give a blood sample, which incriminates the diver either way.

A good criminal defense attorney from can actually be hired, however, to challenge the warrant at hand. Though it will be a difficult task, an experienced criminal defense attorney can challenge the officer, and search for evidence to determine if they intentionally withheld any important information that would cause a judge to question probable cause at the DUI checkpoint.

In addition, because many of the warrants in these cases were signed by a judge via the telephone, a good lawyer will look at how the warrant was obtained to be sure they followed the proper procedures. If the officer misses any steps in the procedure for obtaining a warrant via the telephone, the warrant can be invalidates and the blood sample can be suppressed.

These types of cases are becoming more and more common, and there is actually a supreme court ruling that has occurred recently that is thinking about forcing drivers to submit to a blood sample without a warrant. In cases like this, the court is open to the fact that a police officer might not have had time to get a warrant, and fears the evidence may become damaged with too much time passing. There are cases like this where a search warrant may not be necessary. The following article illustrates some examples of DUI cases which may help you with your own case; . These cases will be determined by a judge on a case by case basis, and not just when a warrant is unable to be obtained.


Hiring a good attorney will allow you to have someone at your side to review the police process that led to your forced blood test, and should be able to suppress any evidence that was not properly obtained. If you have been subjected to a forced blood test, a good criminal defense attorney may be able to look at your particular DUI case, and assist you in getting the evidence thrown out. Do not put your life on the line, call a DUI attorney today.